This Basket is brimming with bath essentials for the new Mom & Dad! First it comes with our signature and very popular baby bath apron and matching wash mitt. The apron is wrapped in a sweet stuffed animal (may vary) then we add a 15 oz. Bottle of Baby Powder (100% corn starch), a 9 oz. Bottle of bedtime baby bath, a 9 oz. bottle of bedtime lotion, a 7 oz. bottle of no tears baby shampoo, a comb and brush set, 8 wash cloths (tied up in really cute characters (butterflies shown above) and of course no bath set is complete without a rubber ducky! we wrap this up in a beautiful wicker basket that measures 16" L x 14"W x 5.5" Deep, Cello and add a beautiful bow so all you have to do is take all the credit! They will love this! If you happen to know the new baby's name for a little more we can embroidered that on the Bath Apron. Also for the budget conscious we can do a generic product basket.

Baby Bath Apron Gift Basket

  • All of our deliveries receive a complimentary delivery confirmation and photo of the actual bouquet that was delivered via text or email. 

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